MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011

Well…It’s Sunday evening and I’m wrapping up the day’s work toward production of ICI’s Community Forum being planned for next Saturday, March 19. I feel good.

It’s an incredible feeling to say after nearly 12 years, we’re just getting started however, we are.  I’ve mentioned my experience as a former athlete as I compare both journeys to be similar in strategic nature.  You train all summer and year long for the big game or season and this is no different.  I just had no idea it would take twelve long years of practice to feel comfortable enough to share what I have discovered.

There are several moving part to our strategy to reform the education system as I have discovered one size does not fit all.  One of the major challenges and there have been many, was educating educators about the importance of mental health and educating mental health about the importance of integration into the education system.  Both systems are currently under duress and the leadership can only focus on the issues at hand as oppose to innovation as a solution. And, this is all the while both systems face fiscal deficits.

There is something to be said about the squeaky wheel getting the oil. (I’m going to expand on this concept later as it relates to the big picture) I believe some signed off on agreements just to shut me up!  What they didn’t realize is I DON’T QUIT until the job is done! Thats how champions get down and I certainly play to win.

I look forward to telling my story about how I reached this point of discovery which has ultimately transformed my life to champion for the disadvantaged.  As I reflect back over my life, I’m not surprise to be pursing the work that I am. This is a side bar but certainly important because I believe we’re all seeking to identify with something or someone that has influenced our being. Without getting long winded, I’ll just say….MOSES.

I’m not even sleepy!  While I have outlined my key note presentation which is titled “Too Far Behind – Reversing  the cycle of generational poverty in America, I’m most excited about the press conference which will bring insight and clarity to why social and emotional learning is critical in education.  Let me just break that down real quick….What crack cocaine did to the inner city during the 80’s, crystal meth is doing to middle America right now. No one is exempt from social and emotional learning at this time in our country’s history. It’s through my journey and many conversation, I’ve coined the term….”Education has no Face”

OK, its now midnight.  I’m going to sign off for now…My goal is to blog every Sunday for the week. I’m sure to write more as my time free’s up a bit.  Just wanted to share my thoughts for the week really to say….It’s game time baby!!!!  Let’s roll. Beazy…