MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011

Hello Family,

It’s Monday.  I mentioned I would blog every Sunday and then truth set in. The truth is big fella took the night off to reflect on my past 10 years of building Inner City Industry as I strategize for the next 10.  Yes, ten. Without vision people lose hope and far too many of us during these challenging times believe the glass is half empty.

Say What, Speak Up! Here’s a lesson learned…Having been a one man team for nearly 10 years, I have had to move each stage of ICI in small parts. Its like having four one hundred pound bags and having to move each bag 1 mile down the road by yourself, walking, with no help… You carry one bag 100 yards and go back to get another…over and over and over until you reach your point of destination. Say What, Speak Up! was a culmination of getting that last 100 pound bag, the last one hundred yards to the finish line and I made it with unfortunately little to no help.  Oh what a feeling of accomplishment!

Thing is…there was little help because the shape of the bags we’re unfamiliar to most, HEAVY and folk didn’t want to get involved with something they didn’t fully understand.  Each bag represented a different industry, style and shape causing confusing, so folk who would otherwise would assist watched and couldn’t figure how they could help or improve the move to nowhere.

The complexity of carrying four one hundred pound bags in an uncertain direction learning as you go is NOT going to influence people to help you.  So, I understand why people have sat on the side lines and watched. It was a relief crossing the “finish line” Saturday albeit bitter sweet.

I thought more people would welcome me across the finish line simply because I had been planning and moving this journey for over 10 years.  The people in attendance upon hearing of why this journey was important discovered why my efforts have been unwavering. Once fans, they have become committed supporters as we prepare to return to make repeat the journey with know-how, now that the foundation has been laid.  I attest this could only have been accomplished through grace.  A God fueled mission in deed.

The journey continues

My learning experience is that you can commitment and still make last second changes along the way. Case in point, that last bag….come to find out…while it also had to cross the finish line, I could have dumped 75lbs lightening my load because of earlier successful execution I overlooked while being in a zone to completing the mission.  But me being me, I was going to carry it anyway.  That’s what Champions do, carry the load till the end regardless.

What an incredible learning experience about becoming efficient, strategic and embarking on a journey to lay a path few will ever pursue. I’m happy to say ICI has paved the way with deep tracks in the sand for others to follow as we will need as many warriors available to continue paving way for future generations.  If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about…follow the journey over the next few years.   Inner City Industry is a positive trend for youth to follow.