MONDAY, JULY 4, 2011

With today being “Independence Day” and following a comment made yesterday about waiting for “Christ Return”, I woke this morning with multiple thoughts running through my head about what the future of American looks like for African Americans.

As an optimistic person who maintains prayerful hopes that I celebrate my 90th birthday, I also keep in mind tomorrow is not promised.  I’m certainly no Holy Roller but I love, trust, fear and serve the Lord with all my heart despite my constant failure to avoid temptation. However, I don’t anticipate being around when Christ Returns.

In today’s America, it’s hard not to include racism with Independence as an African American Male.  As a result of the Civil War, Mexican America War, Civil Rights as examples; we will always favor our own race.

These historical turning points in individual cultures united each to stand strong behind their fight for independence, equality and unity.  As a result we often hold our own race to a higher standard than anyone else because of the selfish pride we wish to see maintained through that which bonded us.

I recently read an article that suggested the federal deficit is the equivalent of our economy being inflicted with HIV.  Given that African American’s have the highest reported HIV cases the writers comment was very insensitive. However, that’s the America we live. Every man for himself!

Well, the better man is one who does not judge another based on their race.  The powerful man is one that seeks to understand the cultural perspective of another’s race without malice.

As America celebrates its Independence today, we have yet to achieve our Independence. Reliant on foreign oil, manufactured good from other countries and an outdated education system that does not prepare our youth for emerging opportunity; I ask what are we celebrating?

America has transformed clearly indicated by the increasing wealth and achievement gaps and African Americans have no agenda for success while one of us holds the most powerful position in the world as POTUS. Despite politics there is a reason, season and time for everything. This may be our first and final call.

By grace as a professional athlete, I’ve traveled the world and met some great friends of English, Mexican, Filipino, Latino, Asian, French, Turkish, Argentinian and Middle Easter descent to name a few.  I’ve learned much from each of them and respect their heritage, commitment to one another and conversations but today I’m mostly concerned about African Americans and the divide within our race at a time we need to be in unison to be united.

We have no collective vision for our families and future existence and we all know it.  We hold one another to an unfair standard as if we’ve forgotten we’re all the same.  In my studies related to System Oppression unfair treatment of people of color; it’s nothing compared to Black on Black Oppression in which Blacks hold one another back.  If we don’t turn our etiquette, mannerisms and attitudes around immediately “Independence Day” will represent nothing more than a back yard Bar B Que among a select social class of friends.

I don’t believe I will be here for “Christ Return” because I know he’s already here and represented in each one of us.  Once we recognize the Spirit of GOD in us as oppose to waiting for his arrival, GOD will immediately manifest.  As African American’s our divine calling is our Spirit which is how we receive our unduplicated rhythm.

I believe GOD is waiting on us now. Run tell that!