As I monitor the Occupy Wall St. Movement taking place across the country and sure to extend into the 2012 elections, Americans are clearly disgruntled about inequality in Americas systems. Blacks have been oppressed by Americas unequal systems since we fought for and helped build this country.  Propelling their revolt, middle class America is now feed up with the challenges of inequality resulting from the very systems that has suppressed Blacks for centuries.  America is at a cross roads and only two paths lay ahead. Maintain the status quo representing old political ideology or renew the American Dream by making America’s systems fair and equal to all who breathe within the borders of our great country.

The United Sates of America has become a diverse marketplace.  People from around the world have migrated to America for a sample of the non-existent American Dream. As a result of the inequality resulting from Americas systems, we’ve reached a breaking point and its final collapse is occurring with the Occupy Wall St. Movement.

Our political leaders offer no clear strategic direction and refuse to compromise.  Americans are rightfully disgruntled.  Blacks have become resilience in part due to preserving through centuries of financial hardship which totally shapes character.  Until Black Americans have basic health, education and employment needs met it appears we have taken a “wait and watch” disposition as Occupy Movement continues.

For truth is it told; Blacks were never culturally inducted into Americas financial systems structure and far too many are holding jobs they can’t afford to lose.  Given the adverse health, education and unemployment statistics, the plight of Black Americans at this point in human history is literally for survival.  Therefore we can’t join a movement that will not support our basic survival needs.