Wednesday, August 28, 2013 will mark the 50th Anniversary acknowledging the March on Washington and we as a country despite having a Black President have little to nothing to celebrate, particularly with Black people being disproportionately represented by population in every adverse statistic.

My prayer is not to witness several civil rights organizations hosting separate rally’s during the anniversary week.   This will only to further demonstrate how fragmented we as Black people have become.  My hope is that we overcome our unique differences and embrace diversity as all American’s endure inequality at this time in history.  My desire is to witness civil rights organizations that participated in the March on Washington nearly 50 years ago united under a common cause which emphasizes community well-being through a reformed education system as bi-partisan leadership has acknowledged education reform as the civil rights issue of the present day.    My prayer is that we reclaim the inspiration that once unified Black people of which has since disintegrated with the passing of Dr. King.

My prayer is that on Wednesday, March 28, 2013 we become a unified country as our individual destiny will be determined by our courage to unite as a country. United we shall overcome. B.