As LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling was baited to express his feelings about African Americans, I was reminded of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s private remarks about the 47% of the country he deems irrelevant as non tax paying citizens.  What stood out most profoundly is Sterling’s admission about his behavior being connected to the culture in which he was raised.  While this country, America I love so dearly was not developed on my back as it was my ancestors, I personally continue to carry the burden of witnessing the difficulty of changing the mindset of Black America who’s mentality is entrenched by such historical discrimination.
Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t…it’s the players who are put in an unfortunate compromising position. Will Black athletes  stand up for intolerance and boycott the sport they love or slightly turn their head in favor to continue collecting multi-million dollar pay checks to support their families.

What I strive to point out is African Americans are often pit against speaking out about injustice in favor of personal progress. This often involves simply providing for their family versus taking a stance and risk being cut off financially due to what both Sterling and Romney may consider disobedient behavior.

As of  this writing, who knows what will result from Sterling’s comments…will Black America boycott the LA Clippers or NBA? Or simply raise hell outside the arena for a day, go home, suck it up and chalk racism up to the game?

I believe it was Oprah who said it best…there will always be racism until the last bigot dies off. Until then, rest in peace because those that embrace a cultural of racism has kids.