I thank each of you for taking time to read my blog. While we’re often pulled in many directions your reading, responding and sharing this information is crucial to building a critical mass of committed stakeholders.  I look forward to seeing each you at our next meeting tomorrowTuesday, January 19th at 1pm.  The Board Agenda is not too lengthy, so we may find ourselves speaking before 4pm.

We will gather in solidarity at 1pm to organize our conversation to ensure the Los Angeles County’s Health Agency:

Immediately opens decision making stakeholder meetings for public participation and comment.

Identify an approach for community integration in transforming the County’s system of care to legitimize the Health Agency through public approval. 

Deliver fully integrated mental health and substance abuse services provided at single site locations.

Establish a multi-cultural governance committee made up of system administrators, contract providers and community-based organization leadership stakeholders to recommend and monitor continuous improvements to the emergent system of care; monitoring expenditures, cost controls, quality of care and implementation of community-defined innovations.

Our intent is to ensure  development of cultural and linguistic proficient system of care as identified as a strategic priority of the Health Agency. 

FYI – Five Bleak Facts on Black Opportunity | Brookings Institution

Thank you for your support !!